Stage 2 Community Consultation Appraisal

Thanks to everyone who came along to the Stage 2 Consultation events this week relating to Community Facillities. At the events the following detailed information was available.

  1. Summary of the community Feedback from September 2016 Stage 1 consultation which has reduced the options from 5 to 3 and lists the key changes requested by the community. These have been incorporated into the Stage 2 Proposals. We’ve also included some costs for the Stage 2 options.
  2. Stage 2 – Option 1 – New Community Facility at the Toothill Farmhouse Site





    3.  Stage 2 – Option 2 - New Community Facility at the Toothill Village Centre





   4.  Stage 2 – Option 3 - Refurbishment of the current Facility at the Toothill Village Centre





  5.  Stage 2 – Consultation Feedback Form

If you haven’t already had a chance to complete a feedback form and want to use the downloaded form the response close date is February 1 2017.

You can send this to us via email or to our office on the address listed. Or if you’d prefer a hardcopy Feedback Form just email us with your address and we will drop a copy off to you asap.

TBL look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks, The Toothill Big Local Team