Bursary Application by Esprit Gym by: Esprit Gym

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£7,618 project cost

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Bursary Application by Esprit Gym by: Esprit Gym


What would you do to improve Toothill?

Showcase how and where funding can help to support the development and potential of talented young people in Toothill.

What is the aim of this project?

This application is being made by Deb Hows, Head coach at Esprit Gymnastics, on behalf of Abi-Jae Booth , a 12 year old Rhythmic Gymnast who lives in Toothill. As her coach I believe she has the natural talent and passion to succeed in her chosen sport. Abi has already gained various medals at National level, most recently becoming Under 12 Scottish Open Champion and also came a very admirable fourth in her age group at English Championships. In my professional opinion, with this financial support, Abi's potential to represent both club and country in international competition can be realised.

Project Cost: £7,618

Community support needed: 175

Where: Swindon

Timescale: 2 years +

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Esprit Gym

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E : info@esprit-gymnastics.co.uk

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